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This publication certainly won’t be a catalyst for world peace but it might be campy, irreverant, and possibly productive if the right issue lands in the right reader’s mailbox.

I think we can all agree that life isn’t fair and sometimes we’re forced to take it up the tailpipe once in a while. The universe is well-seasoned with at least eleven lies and spices, but hey…KFC made it taste good so there’s still hope!

We’re all gravely displeased with something right now, whether it be the cost of living, plastic, mayonnaise, or possibly the people of Walmart?

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Who’s writing this?

I’m Kristi. Who cares, right? Maybe some of my numbers below will impress you.

First and foremost, I’ve been a pretty successful writer on Medium for almost three years. My following over there is approaching 4000 readers.

Full disclosure - that’s my personal link but it gives you access to thousands of other writers, not just me.

Before Medium, I was an internationally known destination blogger for ten years. I committed to that damn travel blog for longer than I’ve committed to any human relationship.

At the peak of my wanderlust I was averaging 20,000 blog views each month, as well as writing for tourism magazines and Forbes Travel Guide.

The worst that can happen.

Since disgruntled people always look for the worst, here it is.

You subscribe because one of my issues lit a fire under your butt, but you end up hating everything else I send out.

In that case, unsubscribing is very simple.

If you’re not disgruntled enough…

Lucky you.

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